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Andrea Lwin

Dear Friends and Fans,

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Second Honeymoon!!

What’s up people? I’m writing to you from sunny Thailand. There’s a military coup going on, but we’re pretty far up north here in the mountains so there’s no real affect on us or our second honeymoon right now. We actually came here for our first honeymoon right after we got married, and we had so much fun here that we just HAD to come back. The food is awesome, the weather is fantastic, and thanks to the crazy exchange rate, we are totally living it up over here. This morning we went a little further out from the city where we’re at and hit up a Cross Fit class earlier this morning. They like to keep it real in Thailand, so it was an outdoor (covered pavilion) where we did the WOD (workout of the day) while sweating bullets. Great way to start the day. Right now we’re at a co working space that’s super modernized and has all the trimmings to get a little work done, and in about an hour we’re off to get a giant-sized lunch for about $5 per person.

While here, and especially at CrossFit, we’re meeting people, networking, and figuring out if maybe there’s some way we can expand our super-delcious Paleo cookie business to Asia. Who knows? Maybe we’ll figure that out in the future. There’s a really nice community of cross fit people who are all up in the paleo lifestyle almost everywhere we travel to.

In other news, most of the guys that I once referred to as my fellow bootcamp classmates of The ABCs of Attraction are now either in serious long term relationships, or are already married. I also work on business opportunities with some of them. When I originally started writing this blog, I chronicled all of the ways that my life was screwed up, why I was depressed, and what I did to overcome those obstacles. Now, my life is so far detached from that place that it’s almost hard to believe what my life was like just a few years ago compared to the way it is right now. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten the path that I had to travel to get here. I greatly appreciate the email messages of support that all of you have sent in over the years because that really helped me get through some tough times. So, I’m happy to answer your questions from time to time whenever I can because I enjoy sharing my life experiences, and I’m happy to assist you in your own journey.

It’s lunch time, so we’re heading out in a few minutes. Peace!

Paleo Cookies

In my previous post, I talked about the insane roller coaster ride that my wife and I are on right now running our own business together. It’s exhausting, it’s crazy, and it’s an adrenaline rush all rolled into one. It’s the Paleo Cookie business!

As a totally biased owner of the business, I can tell you without hesitation that these cookies are delicious 🙂 Try some today!

Married Life!

What’s up people?! I can’t believe how fast time flies. My last post was more than 9 months ago. In that time, my (then fiancee) and I got married, started a business together, and have been on an insanely awesome journey together ever since. If you could go back in time and tell the William from 10 years ago that my life would be like this now, I would have thought you were crazy. And yet, here I am.

Starting up a business of any kind is a long journey filled with all kinds of problems, self doubt, emotional highs, and of course, emotional lows. We are currently going through this together and it’s an amazing roller coaster ride. I couldn’t imagine doing this kind of thing with anyone else other than my lovely wife.

Sometimes I think back to what my life was like when my (now) wife when we had just started dating. Back in those days, I was still learning and practicing certain fundamental skills in how to talk to girls (which I learned from the ABCs of Attraction). Yep, at the age of 30, as a full grown man, I still didn’t really know how to talk to girls. I was so depressed because of it and I needed to hire a professional to teach me. I learned, practiced, and did what I needed to do in order to find the romance that I wanted. At that time, just connecting with a woman was THE biggest challenge in my life. All other aspects– friendships, community service & volunteer work, my career, and my hobbies– were all totally fine. But now, so many years later, I find that life has a way of throwing new challenges at me all the time. After I find myself conquering one challenge, there’s another one waiting for me right around the corner. What’s really awesome is that the newer, bigger, and more rewarding challenges only make themselves available to me after I conquer the smaller ones, and the challenge which I once thought was the biggest challenge imaginable (meeting girls), is now the smallest and most distant from where I am now.

So here’s the challenge for you– think about the most difficult thing you have trouble doing in your romantic life– talking to girls? Getting a date? Making the date turn into a romantic adventure rather than a trip to the friend-zone? Having one romantic relationship, or multiple simultaneous ones? At one point in time, each one of these was “the biggest” challenge for me… until I worked on figuring out how to make myself into the best man that I can be so that these basic things could come easily to me. It’s actually kind of silly, now that I think about it, to even consider the idea that these things would, could, or should be out of my reach (or any other guy’s reach for that matter). And yet that’s the way it was for so many years. Anyway, think about the most difficult thing that you have trouble with in your romantic life. Focus all of your time energy, and creativity on tackling that one thing. Then, when you’ve done that, look for a large goal to tackle.

That is a microcosm of what my roller-coaster-ride married life is like now, except my wife and I set our goals together, and we work towards them together. It’s freaking awesome, and I hope you get a chance to discover it for yourself. But in the mean time, if you are still reading this article and still don’t know how to consistently go out, meet girls, and get a date, then I highly recommend that you do what I did and sign up for an ABCs of Attraction bootcamp today.

Being the “loser” of my social circle, part 1

Many years ago, prior to taking the ABCs of Attraction 3-day bootcamp, I was the “loser” of my social circle. Actually, it wasn’t my social circle– it was just the social circle that I was somehow able to hang out with from time to time. I wasn’t respected the way other people in this social circle were. There was an invisible hierarchy, and the guys and girls who were at the top of it were couples. The guys were naturals. This social circle had lots of social events, and I was able to tag along on many of them, primarily because people felt sorry for me. A few years after I stopped hanging out with this social circle (due to life circumstances and moving to a different location), I somehow managed to find a new social circle to cling to. But, yet again, I was still the “loser” of the group. Somehow, I was just not able to get the same level of respect as the other guys did, and I had no idea why. I also had practically no A-game, so while the other guys had some women in their lives, I had none. At most I’d be relegated to the friend zone.

After I took the ABCs of Attraction bootcamp and I began my journey and transition period, my life changed for the better, forever. I began a new journey. I created my own social circle, my own success with women, and my own life.

(to be continued)

Feature Interview on Alpha

What’s up people? Check out this awesome feature interview at!

The importance of choice

Waaaay back in the day, prior to my transition period, I didn’t have any romantic choices in my life. I didn’t know how to create new ones for myself, and they sure as hell weren’t coming to me “naturally” or through my social circles. Prior to turning 30, I really had no clue what life would be like if I had a constant variety of romantic adventures with all kinds of girls.

It was at that point in my life when I went through what I call “ my transition period,“, and I finally was able to get all the romance that I could ever imagine. I had finally had choices in my romance life. I’ll even go so far as to say that every man deserves to have this in his own life, if he is willing to put in the time, effort, and energy that is required to make it happen for himself. There are many paths that lead to this kind of happiness, but the only one that worked for me was by taking an ABCs of Attraction bootcamp. Yeah, not the most glorious thing in the world, but that was what I needed, and I used the lessons I learned to get all the things I wanted to get out of life.

Without having experienced all kinds of romantic adventures with all kinds of girls, there is no way in hell I would have been able to find the one girl that I want to spend the rest of my life with. She and I are very much in love, and, as of just a few short weeks ago, we are engaged to be married! When I am with her, the outside world literally does not exist to me because it’s just the two of us together on a fun, adventurous, (and of course sexually charged!) life-long romantic adventure. Could I have gotten here without having all the romantic experiences I had before? Maybe. But I really doubt it. The only way a man can really know what kind of girl he wants is to first be with and experience romance with a wide variety of women. Without that, you’re really just left wondering if maybe you should have been with someone else.

So, here are some concrete steps that you can take to make your life better:

1. Figure out what kind of girl you want.

The only way you can do this is to fully romantically connect with lots and lots of girls. Sure, you could “become friends” with a lot of girls, but that will only tell you what kind of female friend you want. To find out what kind of girl you want to spend the rest of your life with, enjoy all kinds of adventures with, and have crazy hot sex with every night, you cannot simply just be friends with lots of girls– you have to fully romantically connect with them. If you’re reading this, I’m assuming it’s because you don’t know how to make this happen. You know how I did it, so you can take it from there…

2. Improve your physique

There are a million ways to get in shape. Figure out a way that works for you, stick with it, and get yourself in shape. I NEVER heard a girl say “oh, I can’t date him because he is really fit. I need to be with someone who doesn’t do anything to improve his physique.” PS- lots of really hot girls do activities that require you to be in shape– CrossFit, indoor rock climbing, swimming, running, volleyball, etc.

3. Start meeting, and going out on dates with, lots of girls.

This basically goes back to #1. Not sure how to get started? Take a bootcamp.