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Better Asian Man

“… yes, we do need a Better Asian Man, we need a whole hell of a lot of them, and anyone who can help us achieve that with a view to goodness, and culture, and politics, is someone worth having around.” -Dialectic, Founder, The Fighting 44s (full article)

“thank you so much for coming to Harvard and leading the Asian American Male Sexuality workshop! The workshop was incredibly interesting and informative, and I’m sure it will spark many more discussions in the near future. I hope you have had as great an experience as we have had and again, thank you for this amazing workshop!Katherine Chau, Executive Board Member 2008, Harvard Taiwanese Cultural Society

“I would like to commend you on giving … Asian males in our community insightful advice on how to secure their confidence and manhood…”lifeinmotion (full article)

“… it is with this sense of empathy that I applaud A Better Asian Man. … we’re not prone to organize ourselves behind causes like this. But despite what one might call it … — it is still a voice or a rallying cry…the very thing that our tribe could use more of.”behindtheyellowcurtain (full article)

“ is not about giving Asian men … tactics to pick up girls. On the contrary, it’s about respecting and understanding them.” – Gin Sun, Writer,

About The Website

Better Asian Man brings you, the modern-day Asian American Man, information on how to become empowered from the subjective perspective of one Asian American man. I will address how this self-actualization can be achieved through the acquisition of more sexual confidence and success with women. Part of being good with women is expressing individuality, your personal preferences, and your interests– that means constantly improving yourself and your lifestyle. To that end, I will be providing you with an account of events that have already transpired in my life along with perspective on how I overcame obstacles, earned successes, and lived life. My hope is that you will find inspiration in these essays about events in my life so that you can move forward and find your own inspiration, overcome your own obstacles, and find your own successes.

We can talk day and night about how awesome it is for Asian American men to gain empowerment through activism, on-line petitioning, letter writing, and blogging, but let’s be honest with ourselves: you ain’t empowered if you ain’t good with women. I will also be writing about the social anxiety and sexual anxiety that once prevented me from having the life full of romantic options and choices that I enjoy now (These are listed under the “One Asian American Man’s Life” blog category.

About the Author

My name is William. I’m an Asian American man.

I’ve lived in New York City my entire life, and, up until the age of 30, I had absolutely no A-game. I wandered through life endlessly clinging pathetically to any woman that would give me the time of day. I had a few girlfriends during my first 29 years on the planet (4 to be exact), and about 20 or fewer dates. That’s less than 2 dates per year, over the course of my entire life. When I was about to turn 30, I had started asking my cousins back in Taiwan to introduce me to women with the intent of finding a wife there. I looked for jobs and apartments in Asia, and I was intent on moving there and spending the rest of my life there. I thought that Asian American women in the US didn’t want me because they all wanted to be with white guys, and I thought that all non-Asian American women didn’t want me because the only thing they know about Asian American men is that they’re nerdy, socially awkward, and sexual eunuchs, just as they’re always portrayed on TV, in movies and in all other forms of mainstream media.

Fast forward to the day that this blog was created (7/2/08), and I have absolutely no desire to leave the U.S. at all. I have more romantic adventures and more women in my life than I can possibly imagine. This blog describes my journey from being the man described in the first paragraph, to the man who lives today who has an endless supply of romantic adventures to enjoy. I will talk about my own life experiences (past and present), and I’ll share with you how I got there. I will be sharing with you all kinds of advice on fashion (clothes, accessories, shoes), hair, the bachelor pad, travel, nightlife, and of course, how to get better with women. (I am a certified approach coach for the ABCs of Attraction.) When I first created this blog, my goal in my romance life was to find a girl that I had good chemistry with that I would feel comfortable enough with to be in an exclusive loving relationship with. I have since achieved that goal and I have been with my beautiful, smart, and very sexy girlfriend, for about three years now.

This website is custom built for Asian American men who want to increase their dating options and choices, bring high quality women into their lives, and control their own sexual destiny. We can talk day and night about how awesome Asian American Activisim/Empowerment is, but to reiterate something I said a few sentences ago, the bottom line is that you ain’t empowered if you ain’t good with women.

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